Your Speaking Notes

Your Speaking Notes

We’ve put together speaking notes so that our tech and not so tech ambassadors can tell the same great story about Dublin to the multitudes at SXSW this coming weekend.

You may not be joining us in Austin but you travel, you talk, you engage people and you too can be a great ambassador for Dublin. So, below is a short excerpt just for you.

BTW, ambassadors, check out our Dublin Makes Me newspaper here. We hear you, what Will Rice has put together is insanely cool, so if you really need a hard copy for your private collection, shout and we’ll try to save you one.

And now for your Dublin speaking notes:

Culture: Dublin’s a cool, open and creative capital city. It’s also a globally connected tech hub that’s fast and energetic with a can-do attitude, strong sense of community and a huge appetite for fun!

Location: Dublin is the bridge between Europe and the US. It’s where US innovation comes to scale globally, and a jumping off point for international startups into the US. London-Dublin is the second busiest flight route in the world and every key European market is a short 1-2 hour flight from Dublin.

Talent: Significantly cheaper than London in terms of salaries and cost of living, Dublin is where young tech talent from around the world loves to live, study and work. 40% of our people are under the age of 30 and we’re graduating thousands of computer and data scientists every year from universities like Dublin City University, Trinity College, University College Dublin and Dublin Institute of Technology.

World Class Tech: Dublin’s pedigree is enterprise software. These days we’re also the world capital of Travel Tech and we’re building a reputation as Europe’s center for B2B SaaS. And don’t forget Fintech when you think of Dublin’s strengths, especially Payments. We also shine in areas like HealthTech, IoT, TelecomTech and EdTech. A list of over 1200 Dublin built tech companies by sector is here.   Some of our current global success stories include: Intercom, Boxever, Ding, CurrencyFair, CarTrawler, FieldAware, 3D4Medical, Movidius, Nuritas, NewsWhip, Drop, Aylien and Clavis.

Funding: Over $300M in funding was secured by Dublin startups in 2015, a 30% increase over 2014. 46% of that funding was raised through international investors, confirming the caliber of our entrepreneurs and technology.

Recent Dublin Accolades:
* 1st in venture funding per capita (European Digital City Index)
* 3rd in Entrepreneurial Culture (European Digital City Index )
* 3rd city globally in “innovation, liveability and capacity to reinvent” (Jones Lang LaSalle)
* 3rd best city in the world to visit (Lonely Planet).

We’re Global: Silicon Docks is the Dublin neighbourhood global tech giants call home. Google, Facebook, Linkedin, AirBnb, Eventbrite, HubSpot, Adroll, Twitter, Amazon, Stripe and 250 more global tech companies are based in Dublin and employ thousands of techies, product, marketing and sales people. These organizations’ Dublin roots run deep - Google alone has 5,000 employees here - and they’re in cosy company. 80% of the world’s global tech companies have a base in Dublin.

So why, why Dublin? If you live here day by day you know the above is just for starters.

Niamh Bushnell

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