This is Big- The Startup Events Board


On February 5th over 70 startup event organizers will come together in Dublin for beer, pizza and to agree the calendar of startup events for the city for the next 6 months. As the organizer @RussellBanks77 describes it on Eventbrite:

“There are now nearly 100 regular events in Dublin spanning, tech, design, and entrepreneurship. We want to start shining a big light on Dublin, our events and our great community of organizers. By sharing what each of us is doing with our own communities we’ll make the overall Dublin community stronger”.

I’m super excited to be there and to watch this collaboration unfold firsthand. Our competitive advantage as a great tech hub depends on our ability to connect and work more effectively with each other. Please join us and help make that happen.

We’ll launch the Dublin Startup Community Fund (modeled on the Colorado Fund) on the night also so that event organizers old and new can apply for the funding they need to keep Dublin’s startup community moving and innovating.

This is Big. Feb 5th is going to be one of the highlights of my year. I can already feel it.





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