The Dublin Globe Rocketship has Launched!

startupdulbin-modal Today at the Irish Embassy in London we launched, a global voice for tech, creativity and innovation coming out of Dublin. This daily publication will showcase and celebrate worldclass Dublin and Dubliners wherever they happen to be. And there’s no shortage of great stories to tell.

One of the goals of my office is to develop a voice for Dublin that resonates globally. DublinGlobe is it. Through its articles we’ll explain “Why Dublin?” from all perspectives - why Dublin for investors, startups, talented professionals, multinationals and media. On behalf of our wonderful Editorial Board, I’d like to thank Derek O’ Connor and Roisin Kiberd, our Editor and Contributing Editor, for taking on this challenge and for making it fun and smart and inspiring, from the very start. And thanks also to our launch sponsors - Vodafone, the DCU Ryan Academy and Dublin City Council for allowing us to go on this journey and coming along for the ride.

All that’s left to say now is, go check us out and sign up! Enda’s stetson on the front page will bring a smile to your day, I guarantee.

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