Seanachai 2.0

UCD Last night a team of students at the UCD Innovation Academy presented a response to my “Challenge” (one of 5).  When I met my team a couple of weeks earlier I told them that Irish entrepreneurs are uncomfortable talking about success and challenged them to figure out how we could make it easier.

The team researched tech media coverage in Ireland and found that most of it was financial related, about revenues or fundraising successes. Coverage “that sold than rather told” stories about our great companies. In a culture bursting with storytellers, language and creativity is that all we have to talk about?

And why do most Irish tech companies only talk about their successes after the fact?

I’m always telling companies to think big and talk loudly but what I’m really trying to say is, Project, Imagine, and Engage people now with your vision of the future. People love to be part of the journey, so let them in, learn from them and share your successes, big and small, en route.

The best startups in the world do an amazing job of showing people the future in the now. They manage to turn what might be the most banal piece of technology into a phenomenal “my product, your future” story. Now, who wouldn’t listen to that?

As the team at UCD put it, lets break the mould and find our way back from story selling to story telling. Afterall, we’re probably better at that than anyone else.



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