Pure Inspiration

IMG_2900-1If you missed Coder Dojo’s Coolest Projects event on Saturday in the RDS you missed pure inspiration. Kids ages 7-17 showed off their games, robots, social apps, and well earned swagger. You probably also missed meeting the most successful Irish entrepreneurs in history - a decade or so before they make it.

I’ve founded two startups in my life so far but I don’t know how to code. When all around you is tech and you’re not, it feels like you’re in a time warp, and getting things done takes a lot longer.

Tech is everywhere and learning how to code is becoming as fundamental for kids as financial literacy, as being able to cook or swim or read. I really love how coding skills are empowering young girls in particular to become makers and entrepreneurs.

I want Dublin to become a City of Excellence where every day great companies are born and bred. Encouraging our kids to learn how to code, and express their passions through technology, puts us on that path to excellence more surely than almost anything else.

Niamh Bushnell










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