Our Time to Shine. Read and Act Please.

This morning we received the very preliminary data from Crunchbase about how many startups there are in Dublin. We’re over the 2,000 mark which per capita puts us right up there as a global player in terms of density, volume and importance. Thanks to Liam Casey and PCH for encouraging and supporting us in taking the first steps in this never ending adventure to map our great startup ecosystem.

Now, people. It’s your turn. Startup Compass are publishing a report in a couple of weeks that ranks startup ecosystems around the world. Please startups, wherever you are in the country, fill out the survey here.

I could tell you it’s time to be patriotic, I could tell you the survey will only take 10 minutes of your time, I could tell you I don’t care about “rankings” in the long run either, but…..  LETS JUST DO THIS.

Startup organizations around the country, if you represent a large group of startups and would like to get in touch with Compass directly to explore becoming survey partners, use the Contact Us section on this website and we’ll connect you.

Lets get hundreds, no, thousands of startups across Ireland included and feel really good about it.

Thanks, Niamh



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