It's Tina Turner Time

We don’t need another hero. We don’t need to know the way home. All we want is life beyond the (Echo)dome.
Jet lag and Tina Turner had me awake early this morning thinking about resolutions and the year ahead.

2015 is going to be the best year ever for startups and tech in Dublin and we’ll finally have the Data and the content to prove it too. Now all we need is to get beyond the Echodome.

And that’s where New Year’s Resolutions come in: As a member of the Dublin startup community, I want to inspire people who don’t know me or Dublin or Ireland to connect with our startups, tell our stories, think of us as leaders and want to come to Dublin and learn from us.

We have many “heros” already in Dublin and 2015 will bring many more. Lets resolve to make them international ones.

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