Fear is Good


I’ve just been reading some great blog posts by Connor Murphy about getting funded and the importance of testing your sales hypothesis. He’s encouraging founders to have the chutzpah to just go out there and try to sell your solution, even if you have to deeply discount it as an early beta.

I’m all about revenue and bootstrapping and staying lean in the early days so I subscribe 100% to Connor’s POV. More than that, actually, I think these are “do or die” decisions for a startup in the early days.

I worry when I hear startups in Dublin talk about not showing their product till “it’s ready” and not validating their value proposition internationally until it’s passed muster at home first. The time you spend silent can be a real competitive advantage for your competitors.

But more than that, your silence says a lot about the level of risk you’re actually willing to take and how big your vision for success really and truly is.

Founding a company was hard and lonely and almost broke me financially, but I really got scared when it started to turn a corner and be successful. I told a potential investor how I was feeling and when he replied “Fear is good!” I realized what I’d been missing and how right he was.

That was the real beginning of my startup journey and maybe it will be yours. If so, embrace the fear, grab on with both hands and let yourself fly!





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