And the winners are…

I’m delighted to announce the participants for our Newstalk Saas Bootcamp, run in conjunction with Gary Leyden and his great team at the NDRC.

We were looking for 8-10 scaling companies who had the ambition and the ability to go global fast.

We found 11 and we’re taking them all.

The participants are:

Bizimply, Edgescan, Learnupon, WorkCompass, LogoGrab, Legalshine, Pulsate, Initiafy, NewsWhip, Xsellco, Viddyad.

All SaaS companies scaling out of Dublin, both multinational and startup, will have access to and benefit from the learnings of this bootcamp programme. They’ll become experts in demand generation, marketing metrics, sales management, training and hiring, and optimising the funnel for growth.

Day one is December 9th and we’re starting with sessions from some of the best in the business - IntercomQualtrics, and Hubspot. You’ll be able to follow the bootcamp as it happens on

Congratulations to the winners - your time has come for global dominance.

And thanks again to Newstalk for your support and sponsorship.

Niamh Bushnell

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