A Country Sure Of Itself

As we head into the Labor Day weekend here in the US, I’m preparing my goodbyes to in-laws and the beach and packing my bags for the flight home to Dublin. Never one to turn off from work completely, the last few days have been particularly distracting given the front page headlines everywhere about Apple and Ireland.

The articles I’m reading here talk about Ireland's tax regulations and how they power our competitive advantage and the special relationship between Ireland and the US. I don’t have to wonder how my friend Philip King would respond to that kind of perspective.

"Where culture goes, commerce follows" is my favorite of Philip's truisms. During his acceptance speech for an American Chamber Lifetime Achievement Award, Philip talked at length about the deep wells of culture from which Ireland has enriched the US. He also reminds us that "a country that’s sure of itself does not disregard its arts and culture” and how the future of our economy depends on our investment in culture too.

As Philip tells it, it’s our culture that gives Ireland its special relationship with the US and our “distinct" competitive advantage. I took a break from the headlines today to listen once again to this great speech and I’d encourage you to treat yourself and do the same.

Niamh Bushnell

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